About Us

Want to be a participant in a music research

We are a group of academic from Europe and Asia dedicated to promote Music treatment, which we found, has curing or controlling effect on some diseases.
Our group is consisted of musician, music therapist, medical researchers and western medicine qualified physician.

Our goal is to promote the method while improve it with now studies. If you are interested about music treatment or like to joint or contribute academically for research, please write us. We will send separate request with treatment package to all our music treatment users to joint our studies. Musician from Asia with experiences about treatment effect of the music, please write us. We will highly appreciate all your contribution

We are not economically motivated and our aim is to promote the treatment usage and research.

Regional centre
Oriental Music Therapy
Navina road,
Sri Lanka

If you like to joint our ongoing research on hypertension, stress, anxiety, substance abuse problem..... .

Can contribute to the music research
If you are interested about music treatment and like to....



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