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Music is mighty healer !! use it ! Aim of this site is to promote Oriental music therapy - Usage and Research

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Music has been shown as healer in centuries in different cultures and societies. Even modern medical research proves this.

Findings of the recent researches shown that music has beneficial effect on
High blood pressure (Hypertension),
Alzheimer's disease,
Substance abuse problems,
Acute and Chronic pain,
Heart attack (Cardiovascular Accident),
Cerebral stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident),

Indian classical music is the ancient musical traditions, which have evolved through several thousand years in India. It is used as entertainment method as well as treatment method in Ayurveda, which is the Indian traditional treatment method. Indian classical music can be defined by two basic elements - Raaga (classical mode) and a specific rhythm or Taala. Raaga is a central concept in Indian music. A Raaga has many aspects like scale, note and particular time of the day it is associated with.

This oriental music has Anti-Anxiety effect, blood pressure controlling effect leading to reduce other cardio-vascular illness like heart attack and cerebral stroke and beneficial effect on various other conditions. It has been proven by users in generations in South Asia as well as users in would wide today.


If you like to joint our ongoing research on hypertension, stress, anxiety, substance abuse problem..... .

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