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Stress is defined as the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it. The "demand" can be a threat, a challenge or any kind of change which requires the body to adapt. The response is automatic, immediate. Stress can be good when it helps us perform better, or it can be bad when it causes upset or makes us sick.

Manifestations of stress are numerous and varied but can be categorised generally into four.

Physical: fatigue, headache, insomnia, muscle aches/stiffness, heart palpitations, chest pains, abdominal cramps, nausea, trembling, cold extremities, flushing or sweating and frequent colds. Mental: decrease in concentration and memory, indecisiveness, mind racing or going blank, confusion, loss of sense of humor. Emotional: anxiety, nervousness, depression, anger, frustration, worry, fear, irritability, impatience, short temper. Behavioral: pacing, fidgeting, nervous habits (nail-biting, foot-tapping), increased eating, smoking, drinking, crying, yelling, swearing, blaming and even throwing things or hitting.

Keep in mind that chronic stress can be associated with mental conditions like depression and anxiety disorders as well as physical problems.


Most people experience feelings of anxiety before an important event such as a big exam, business presentation or first date. Anxiety disorders, however, are illnesses that fill people's lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear that are chronic, unremitting, and can grow progressively worse. Tormented by panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares, or countless frightening physical symptoms, some people with anxiety disorders even become housebound. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness. There are different kinds of anxiety disorders.

Panic Disorder - Repeated episodes of intense fear that strike often and without warning. Physical symptoms include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, abdominal distress, feelings of unreality, and fear of dying.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Repeated, unwanted thoughts or compulsive behaviors that seem impossible to stop or control. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Persistent symptoms that occur after experiencing a traumatic event such as rape or other criminal assault, war, child abuse, natural disasters or crashes. Nightmares, flashbacks, numbing of emotions, depression and feeling angry, irritable or distracted and being easily startled are common.

Phobias - Two major types of phobias are social phobia and specific phobia. People with social phobia have an overwhelming and disabling fear of scrutiny, embarrassment, or humiliation in social situations, which leads to avoidance of many potentially pleasurable and meaningful activities. People with specific phobia experience extreme, disabling and irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger, the fear leads to avoidance of objects or situations and can cause people to limit their lives unnecessarily.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Constant, exaggerated worrisome thoughts and tension about everyday routine life events and activities, lasting at least six months. Almost always anticipating the worst even though there is little reason to expect it; accompanied by physical symptoms, such as fatigue, trembling, muscle tension, headache or nausea.

Oriental Music

Two CD packages, Two steps

Use first CD package and listing according to easy procedure we describe. No excise, meditation or difficult procedure you do it at your home/working place. You have to assess the progress of treatment according to assessment we describe.

During second step, you will get weekly guide and instructions according to your request from our expert panel via E-mail, fax or telephone.

You will be able to reduce or stop drugs (if you are using any) according to our advice at second steps. However like most of other treatment mode, we are not in a position to assure you that you will get 100% expected effects or 'cure' with this music therapy. We can assure that it is effective as complementary treatment for most of patients. Like other treatment methods the out-come depend on disease severity, stage of the disease, course of the disease, personal factor etc.

Before you get full music treatment packages you need to send us short history of disease with name of the drug you used if any.(Any information you submit will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be used for any purposes.) Our expert panel will assess you condition.

If you want to test first package you can have an introductory package.

If you like to joint our ongoing research on hypertension, stress, anxiety, substance abuse problem..... .

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